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STUDIO PARDELLI, was born in 2005 from the idea of ​​Eng. Fabio Pardelli who develops his studies and his knowledge towards the sector of safety and health in the workplace, creating a synergy between the design activities and the general control of construction site activities in the civil, industrial and medical sectors.

The Firm proves to be a reliable partner for all kinds of private and public, Italian or foreign clients who are looking for expertise and organization in the field of engineering and architecture for small, medium and large projects.

To date, the study is the reference point in Italy for over 200 studies that require the technical and organizational support of the figure of the Dental Officer Manager for the management of the study and regularization of the entire documentary and authorization part, and covers important roles in the field of shipbuilding for the design, construction supervision, safety and construction of operational bases of famous sailing teams known internationally.

Thanks to the experience gained in the various sectors, he also dealt with the creation of shows and concerts in the role of Site Manager and the organization of the America's Cup World Series event for the Cagliari stage.



We develop the most suitable project for the needs and tastes of the customer and define it through the analysis of the technical, technological and evolution of trends in the field of Architecture and Design. We design furniture, lights and spaces by combining technique and aesthetics and creating an exclusive tailor-made solution enhanced by the choice details, materials and of finishes.


The studio has been providing its technical advice for years in the construction, architecture and medical fields for years, offering customers an important support in design, organizational and management choices. In the medical field, the Firm covers the role of Dental Office Manager providing technical support for the management of medical activity and the regularization of all the documentary and authorization parts.

Construction supervision

We direct the construction site in the execution of specific works aimed at carrying out the project previously approved by the client, keeping costs and times under control and always maintaining a high quality standard. We supervise the correct execution of the processes by verifying the compliance of all the works carried out in a workmanlike manner and ensuring the overall efficiency of the project with respect to current legislation.

Events and Shows

We take care of assisting the Organizers of various types of events (concerts, private shows, public events, etc.) in the authorization and on-site management of the show. We plan the planimetric aspects according to the number of participants, perform the structural calculations of the stages and suspended loads, prepare the safety protocols and supervise the construction and testing part of the work.


We have a long experience in coordinating safety during the design and execution of works, through precise programming and implementation of indispensable protection and prevention measures, aimed at reducing the associated risks. As Safety Security Manager and HSE Manager we support companies in carrying out all the obligations and ensure the protection of safety in the workplace.

Real Estate and Forensics

We are experts in buying and selling real estate, we support the customer step by step in choosing and purchasing the property that best suits the tastes and needs expressed. We are technical consultants for the Court and for private individuals, we take care of processing technical reports by collecting data relating to materials, structures or components that in the case of construction or renovation works do not act or do not comply with what is expected and required, causing personal injury, property damage or economic loss.


Studio Pardelli

Address: Via Robert Koch 18

Telephone: +39 3515682846

Whatsapp: +39 3515682846

Mobile: +39 3387016965


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Telephone: +39 3515682846

Whatsapp: +39 3515682846

Mobile: +39 3387016965


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